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Thinking about weight loss surgery in Dallas? Consider making a call to Malladi Bariatrics and Advanced Surgery. If you’re unable to reach your ideal weight, or a healthy weight, on your own, you may require assistance through Bariatric Surgery.
Permanent weight loss is not always possible to achieve without the assistance of weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery has become a popular option and can prove to be a successful treatment option for many overweight individuals who need to lose large amounts of weight, however, like any other surgery, there are certain requirements that must be met to qualify for treatment.
You may qualify for weight loss surgery in the Dallas facility under the following conditions:
- If you have a BMI over 40, or a BMI over 35 with accompanying health conditions related to obesity
- If you’ve been unsuccessful in maintaining a healthy weight, even under medical supervision
- Of you’re more than 100 pounds above your ideal weight
Meeting the standards, according to the preceding criteria does not mean you will automatically be considered a good candidate for Bariatric Surgery; in fact, physicians must consider a range of factors to determine whether your treatment will lead to ultimate success. For this reason, Malladi Bariatrics and Advanced Surgery will also consider the following:
- Whether you’re able to embrace the lifestyle changes that will increase the likelihood of permanent weight loss.
- Whether you have a good support system in place to increase your odds of keeping the weight off.
- Whether your emotional and psychological states are currently playing a role in your inability to lose weight. If you’re eating due to depression, anxiety or another underlying reason, you may be required to address those issues along with weight loss.
Your commitment to keeping the weight off after you’ve reached your goal weight is key in effective permanent weight loss. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Malladi to determine whether or not Bariatric Surgery is the right option for you.
Learn more about weight loss surgery at the Dallas facility by taking advantage of the wealth of information on the website, including the extensive blog library that is filled with valuable articles designed to highlight your many options for weight loss. Consider reading about ‘5 Common Misconceptions About Bariatric Surgery’ which may help you make the right choice.
It surprises many people to find out that much of the information they have read online about Bariatric Surgery, or have heard from friends or family is simply not true. The myth-busting article begins by destroying the most commonly spread myth that claims Bariatric Surgery comes with a higher risk of death than obesity. This is simply not true. While all surgery does come with some risk, weight loss surgery in Dallas is one of the least risky surgeries performed today- lower even than from hip replacement surgery.
Find out more on the website or make a call to Malladi Bariatrics and Advanced Surgery at 214-242-9737 to request more information.
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