Skilled Nursing Facility Stockton Ca

Stockton Nursing Center is a leading skilled nursing facility in Stockton, CA, with the best infrastructure, staff team, and amenities. We specialize in offering the best-skilled nursing services, physiotherapy, and post-surgery care in a home-like environment.

Role of dietician in a skilled nursing home

One of the rather important aspects of healthy retirement life is eating a well-balanced diet. Seniors who live at homes may find it challenging to shop for fresh ingredients and cook their meals. At our skilled nursing facility, we have a highly-skilled registered dietician who creates personalized diet charts and meal plans for each of our residents to help them lead a healthy and fit life. Our dietician accommodates all dietary restrictions and preferences of each of our residents and prepares their diet charts accordingly.

Our dietician maintains a complete record of each resident's cholesterol levels, fat percentage, BMI, and weight and closely monitors them for any changes. In case of sudden surges or steep falls in a senior's weight, we make necessary dietary changes and alterations in their physical activity to bring it to an optimum level. Our dietician also keeps a complete record of each senior's food allergies to protect our residents from medical emergencies.

What services does respite care include?

Respite care services not only offer caregivers time off from their responsibilities but relieves them of their burden and stress for a few hours or days. Respite care includes services like medications management, skilled nursing services, life-enriching activities, assistance with personal care, etc. Respite care also includes emergency medical care and support to your loved ones.

At our facility, we also offer complimentary medical transportation and other modern amenities like restaurant-style dining, private rooms, Wifi, and cable tv to our respite care residents. Besides personal care, our respite care also includes services like handling your loved one's laundry, handling their shopping, spiritual guidance and counseling sessions, etc. We aim to offer one-on-one attention and care to all our guests and ensure that your loved one feels safe, comfortable, and at peace while you are away.

Benefits of memory care for seniors

At our skilled nursing facility in Stockton, CA, we offer exceptional memory care services. Here are some of the benefits of memory care for seniors:

  • Our memory care programs help patients with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory-related problems overcome the symptoms of their condition and lead to a better quality of life.
  • Memory care programs also involve speech and occupational therapy sessions to help patients stay in touch with their language, speech, and communication abilities and to help them be more independent in day to day life.
  • As a part of our memory care services, we constantly engage our seniors in life-enriching programs, outings, and meetings to help patients lead a fulfilling retirement life.

Call or visit Stockton Nursing Center for more details on our range of services. At our skilled nursing facility in Stockton, CA, residents enjoy complimentary transport, access to beautiful courtyards, private dining area, beauty salon, and other modern amenities.

Skilled Nursing Facility Stockton Ca
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Skilled Nursing Facility Stockton Ca
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