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Remote Addiction Counseling Indiana

Addiction is commonly associated with over-indulgence and dependence on alcohol and substance abuse, although there are many other things people get addicted to. The helplessness of addicts makes it difficult for them to seek treatment for their addiction. Some even think they will be stigmatized and will rather not seek medical attention as they may feel intimidated. 

If you need help, you do not need to feel ashamed or intimidated. The crucial first step is to find an addiction treatment program that suits your specific needs.

What is Alcohol and Substance Abuse Addiction?

Alcohol and substance abuse Addiction refers to an addict’s continuous abuse of a substance or substance and dependence on alcohol without considering the adverse effects on the body. When you get addicted to alcohol or a substance, there is a higher tendency you will engage in behaviors that are unhealthy. And these unhealthy behaviors have a way of affecting your health, career, and relationships. However, if you’re ashamed about your addiction and feeling reluctant to seek help at an addiction treatment center, we’ve got the perfect service for you! 

We Offer Virtual Counseling Sessions

As part of helping you access addiction telemedicine in Indiana and in line with adherence to Covid-19 safety rules, we now offer perfect remote addiction counseling in Indiana. You can start your Indiana telehealth addiction treatment with us and get access to full-service addiction treatment that we have designed for you to facilitate addiction counseling from the comfort of your home.


  • They Are Well-trained Professionals

Many other online telehealth drug rehab facilities in Indiana cannot boast of the talented, highly-trained, experienced, and caring clinicians in our addiction center who help bring the very best of addiction treatment right to wherever you are. It is not enough to have the best drug rehab in Indianapolis or even the best treatment program. We have all that, and one of the advantages we have over other Fort Wayne telehealth rehab is that our clinicians are well trained. When it comes to health matters, you will choose well-trained medical personnel over a quack, no matter any other consideration that may favor the quack.

  • They Are Experienced

Our clinicians at condor life services are not only highly-trained and qualified; they have a huge gap over others with their many years of experience handling addiction counseling in Indiana. You will choose our experienced clinicians over other qualified clinicians in other rehab centers because their experience will reassure you of the competence they have honed, which can help you resolve your addiction issues.

  • They Are Super Caring

At Condor Life Services, we believe we will not be in business without the patronage of our patients. This mindset informs why we treat our patients as kings and queens that they truly are. All of our staff will make you feel at home, including our caring clinicians. Our clinicians believe that with the excellent remote addiction counseling services they offer to you, the referral of others to us through you will be made possible. All we do is geared towards making you get over your addiction with care and love.

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Remote Addiction Counseling Indiana
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Remote Addiction Counseling Indiana
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