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Spring Gardens Recovery invites you to join our life-saving rehab treatment today! When struggling with aggravated forms of addiction, every minute counts. Substance addiction is progressive, regardless whether we’re talking about opioids, alcohol, or any other substance. The longer you wait, the worse the manifestations will get, affecting you, your family, friends, and everyone else close to you.

Our rehabs in Tampa, Florida, offer you the opportunity to transform your life for good. We have built our rehab treatment around a holistic philosophy that addresses the connection between the body, mind, and spirit. What we offer is a full-rounded rehab experience that focuses on three vital aspects:

Body detoxification and recovery

Most of our patients arrive at our center in deplorable physical condition. Years of substance abuse has brought them on the brink, as they suffer from both malnutrition and the side-effects of the substance. Our priority is to stabilize, detoxify, and heal.

The detoxification process is a necessity in most cases, with our clinicians prescribing targeted medication plans based on your clinical profile. The duration of the detox phase will vary, depending on the severity of the withdrawal, usually extending up to ten days. During this time, you will improve your nutritional intake, and participate in regular physical activities, to help the body recover and heal.

Psychological support and restoration

Long-term substance addiction will change your brain’s chemical functioning, which will affect your cognitive capabilities and behavior. Most people affected by advanced substance addiction will display erratic, anti-social behavior, violent outbursts, a tendency towards self-harm, depression, etc. All these problems will aggravate as the disease progresses.

During our rehabs in Tampa, Florida, you will participate in a variety of behavioral therapies, including CBT, DBT, group meetings, individual counseling, and family therapy sessions. The improvements will become visible shortly:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Greater confidence and determination
  • Improved mental and emotional stability
  • Better social skills
  • Higher levels of positivity and optimism
  • The ability to perform honest introspections
  • Becoming more responsible and focused on the future, etc.

Spiritual uplifting and better life values

Medication alone won’t solve your problems. The risk for relapse will always exist, even years after completing the rehab treatment. To embrace a life of sobriety, you need to adopt new and better life values and accept change as part of who you are. We offer access to a multitude of recreative activities, including sauna, massage, yoga, meditation, pet therapy, expressive arts, music, etc.

To goal is to remind you that life can be beautiful, so long as you enjoy it with a sober mind and an open heart. At our rehabs in Tampa, Florida, we offer you the opportunity of a lifetime – rediscover the true meaning of happiness. Join our family, and we promise you that your life will take on a whole new course!

Spring Gardens Recovery is a pioneer in holistic healing and advanced substance rehabilitation. Check your insurance on our website, read about our programs and therapies, and call us for an appointment! It’s time to stand up for your right to a better life!

Rehabs In Tampa Florida
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Rehabs In Tampa Florida
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