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Musculoskeletal applications for regenerative medicine have really come to the fore in the last few years, and PRP in Thousand Oaks has become very popular. PRP was initially made famous by professional athletes who flew to Europe to get PRP injections for faster recovery so they could return to play faster. Now, you don't have to fly to Europe to get PRP treatment.

Professional athletes are individuals who are very motivated to accelerate the healing process following an injury because their livelihood depends on it, and their fans do too. However, PRP has broader applications than just sports-related injury treatment, and anyone with certain types injuries, not only athletes, can benefit from PRP.

How PRP Injections Work

PRP is obtained through a simple blood draw and is then concentrated using a special centrifuge device to isolate the component in the blood that is rich in platelets. This is why this treatment is referred to as platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The centrifuge device separates the platelet-rich plasma from the platelet-poor plasma and the red blood cells, which do not have the same properties as platelets.

Platelets release growth factors called cytokines and other growth proteins, which help to accelerate the healing cascade. For PRP injections, we'll concentrate these proteins and inject them into the joint or the tendon to facilitate faster healing.

Is PRP Right for Me?

PRP in Thousand Oaks has exploded in popularity, but just because something is popular and or has a lot of benefits doesn't make it ideal for everyone. Not all injuries are PRP-treatable. What kind of injuries the are treatable with PRP?

Anyone with an injured or degenerated joint or tendon is a good candidate for PRP treatment. PRP-treatable injuries can be in the following areas:

  • Appendicular Joints (Arms and Legs)
  • Spine
  • Facet Joints
  • SI Joints
  • Discs
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments

In cases where joint degeneration is too severe, joint replacement may be the only option.

It's Important to Have the Right Expectations for PRP Treatment

PRP is not a panacea for all ills or a magic bullet, but it does provide another option for the treatment of a joint or ligament that is not severely degenerated. It may be four to eight weeks before a patient notices a benefit, and for months after that, there will be more hearing.

Do PRP Injections Really Work?

Yes. That is why PRP in Thousand Oaks is as popular as it is. While steroids and local anesthetics can provide meaningful temporary relief from pain, these are just temporary solutions, and pain reassurance is all but inevitable. PRP not only provides symptom relief, but it is also a great option to restore lost function.

To schedule a appointment at Walter A. Thomas MD, simply call during normal business hours, and we'll get you in for your initial appointment and consultation ASAP.  From there, we'll determine the extent of your injury and put together a treatment plan that reaches your goals. For PRP in Thousand Oaks, Walter A. Thomas MD is here for you.

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