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How to Find the Best ‘Opiate Treatment Near Me’ in Arizona:

With opiate addiction, chronic relapse prevents a large percentage of patients from finding long-term recovery. Chronic relapse by no means indicates that opiate addiction cannot be treated successfully, it simply points to the unfortunate fact that too few treatment centers offer extended care treatment for opiate addiction. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center understands the unique obstacles faced by their patients who are battling opiate addiction and offers long-term inpatient and intensive outpatient services to counter chronic relapse.

30-day residential treatment is often not long enough to develop the skills necessary to return to life outside of treatment. There’s a lot of work to do to prepare the patient to deal with the triggers that can lead to relapse. AARC is the ideal rehab for anyone searching online for ‘opiate treatment near me’ in Arizona. With inpatient rehab options from 30 days to 9 months, patients can be assured that their needs are addressed and met before they move on to outpatient treatment.

If you or someone you love is dealing with an opiate addiction, the first step in recovery is to call Arizona Addiction Recovery Center at 888-512-1705 to speak with the staff. Detox in a safe and comfortable environment is highly recommended as trying to detox at home or at someone’s house can lead to death. Medically-assisted detox can alleviate the withdrawal pain and symptoms to help make the process more manageable. Typically, one out of every three patients at AARC will require medical detox to some degree. If you’re currently looking into ‘opiate treatment near me’ in Arizona, make the right call to AARC for treatment that leads to lifelong recovery.

Detox is only the first step on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, detox without subsequent treatment almost always results in returning to active addiction, whether that happens to be opiates, other types of drugs, or alcohol consumption. Don’t take chances when it comes to detox. Too many facilities overprescribe medications or under monitor patients during this crucial tapering process. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center works with the finest physicians in the region who have designed a detox program that is the core of treatment that will follow.

Detox that exists as a vehicle to lead to long-term sobriety takes total oversight and care by a clinical supported staff. There is no better place to detox in all of Arizona- proven results identify Arizona Addiction Recovery Center as being at the forefront of innovative modalities and techniques that support the long-term mental and physical health of their patients. We invite you to visit online to take a closer look at treatment options at AARC, verify your insurance plan with the facility, and have all of your questions answered. Feel free to call admissions at 888-512-1705 to discuss an intervention, or to become admitted for detox or inpatient treatment. No other ‘opiate treatment near me’ in Arizona can offer the level of care you’ll find at AARC.

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