Knee Surgeons Fort Worth Texas

Dr. Ben Deheshi Orthopedics is your best choice for minimally invasive knee joint replacement and advanced joint replacement in Dallas, TX. We continuously strive for excellent patient care. From comprehensive orthopedic surgical offerings to extensive physical therapy, we cater to your needs and your family’s busy lifestyle. Our Orthopedic surgeon in DFW specializes in treating a wide range of conditions. We offer the best surgical procedure to help restore your independence, reduce your pain, and get you back to the activities you enjoy. 

Why Choose Us 

When your body’s framework is broken, you want the best orthopedic care available to get you back in motion. At Dr. Ben Deheshi Orthopedics, we’re dedicated to providing the best in bone, knee, and hip care in Fort Worth, Texas. So if you are looking to hire us, here are five reasons why you should choose us for your orthopedic care.

  1. You can expect excellent care and outcomes

We use evidence-based treatment to achieve our outstanding results. Excellent functional improvement, exceptional patient satisfaction, and low complication rates describe our orthopedic care at Dr. Ben Deheshi Orthopedics. We don’t only settle for just getting you back on your feet. Our goal is to get you back fit, fast and strong. 

  1. We make treatment accessible and convenient 

Orthopedic care often requires ongoing treatment. Our orthopedic office is located in Fort Worth, Texas, with convenient access to top-quality care. We take a holistic approach to heal the joints, including mind, body, and spirit advice and onsite physical therapy. 

  1. You will work with caring and compassionate experts

At Dr. Ben Deheshi Orthopedics, our highly experienced orthopedic surgeons in Dallas Fort Worth work with each patient to develop an individualized care plan. All our staff has advanced education in their area of expertise, from knee and hip replacement to physical therapy and rehabilitation. 

  1. Care for Every Condition

Dr. Ben Deheshi Orthopedics offers comprehensive care for a wide range of orthopedic injuries and disorders. We focused on relieving your pain and returning you to the life you love. We use Invasive knee joint replacement techniques whenever possible to diagnose and treat those suffering from severe degenerative conditions. 

  1. We use the latest techniques and equipment

You choose from our modern facilities. We always provide top-quality care in a warm environment using the most advanced medical technology. Our team is specially trained and stays updated on the latest procedures, technology, and equipment to ensure the highest standards of care for you.

We’re Here to Help 

If hip, knee, or joint problems have brought your life to a halt, count on us, at Dr. Ben Deheshi Orthopedics to help put you back in motion. We specialize in managing a wide range of injuries and disorders. So whether you want to walk up to your stairs with greater ease or just get back in the saddle, we are right here for you. Ready to take the next step? Contact us to speak with one of our dedicated specialists today.



Knee Surgeons Fort Worth Texas