Eye Lid Lift Kansas City If you’ve been thinking about an eye lid lift in Kansas City, we invite you to visit the Premier Plastic Surgery website to determine if eye lid surgery is right for you. If you have healthy facial tissue and have no underlying vision, thyroid or cardiovascular issues, are a non-smoker and are not diabetic, you might be a prime candidate. Call the clinic at 913-782-0707 to request a consultation to learn more. Eye Lid Lift Kansas City

Dual Diagnosis Arizona

Only a few facilities offer dual diagnosis in Arizona and completely understand the ramifications of co occurring conditions and exactly how they could be taken care of properly. At Springboard Recovery, their highly trained staff is dedicated to getting to root problems the patients of theirs are dealing with in conjunction with dependency. When you are dealing with addiction along with a mental health problem, call 888-672-2120. Springboardrecovery.com

Best Insurance For Drug Rehab

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center
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The best insurance for drug rehab is a plan accepted by your preferred recovery center. At Arizona Addiction Center, we consider all insurance plans to be important, which is why we accept all PPO policies. We’ll be happy to verify your benefits when you reach out to us by phone or contact us through our website. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center

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Facelifts Brentwood CA

Rex Moulton-Barrett, MD

Facelifts in Brentwood, CA can reveal a younger-looking you with a single procedure. Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett offers Facelift to restore the heart-shape and thin neck you may be looking to recapture. A 3-6 hour procedure followed by minimal recovery can restore your youthful appearance and give you back lost confidence.