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Epilepsy Help

With seizures becoming a more and more commonly diagnosed in the United States being able to recognize a seizure is now more critical than ever.  Epilepsy has no known cure, but people diagnosed with epilepsy can live as close as possible to a healthy life. Thanks to a new app by Smart Monitor getting epilepsy help has never been easier! The smart monitor is designed to help you live the most independent life possible.

How can I live Independently with Epilepsy?

The first step in living independently with epilepsy is the location. Be sure when looking for an apartment or nursing home to avoid stairs. For seniors, stairs are already tricky, and epilepsy doesn’t make them any easier.  

The next step is to reduce the risk of an accident in the kitchen. Try to use an electric stove top to avoid having an open flame. When cooking only use the back burners when possible. Using the back burner will reduce the chances of spilling hot liquid or food onto yourself.

After the kitchen comes the bathroom, install temperature control on the hot water, or turn the water heater’s temperature down. Turning the water heater down will help reduce the chances of getting burned if you bump a water knob while in the shower or bath.  Using non-slip mats in case of a fall will help pad the landing (and look pretty fashionable as well).

Maintaining good eating and drinking habits are essential when moving out on your own. As any college student will tell you it can be a bit of a culture shock at first. Be sure to stay hydrated and create a meal plan with your doctor to ensure you’re getting all the correct nutrition.

Have an emergency plan set up with your loved ones or primary care provider. Having an emergency plan can include an alert or emergency contact information.

Is there a Seizure Alert system to help with living Independent?

Smart Monitor has designed a watch that can detect when a user is experiencing a seizure. When the Watch detects the seizure, it will send alerts to emergency contacts preselected using the Smartwatch app.

The Smartwatch has 16 hours of continuous use battery life, perfect for even the busiest of users. The battery life can be improved through a sleep mode if you are around other people or in a public place. 

The Smartwatch comes with a help feature as well. The help button works great for people suffering from non-convulsive seizures. Smartwatch is designed to detect seizure through convulsions, but it can still use full to people with non-convulsive seizure.

Along with with the help button the Smartwatch tracks heartbeat, sleep, and physical activity. A Smartwatch user can securely and discretely monitor these activities through the Smartwatch app. 

The Smartwatch’s sleek design blends in with the fashion trends of wearable technology.  Available in several different colors and designs there is an option sure to fit your sense of style.

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