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Are you looking for the best and capable Denver rehab center? Bethany Nursing and Rehab is an outstanding rehabilitation center functioning with passion and commitment to help people live an independent and healthy life. We provide short-term rehab and care you can trust in a safe, serene, and supportive environment.

Why should I go to rehab?

Acknowledging that you need help and making a decision to go to rehab is a considerable step towards a successful recovery. This decision shows you've got high confidence and admittance that you can fix the problem bothering your life. Many people refuse or ignore the fact that they need rehab due to several reasons such as school, family, work, or shame resulting from their condition.

Whatever the reasons surrounding not go, you need to know why it's essential to join rehab. If you want to cure that condition that’s hindering your ability to make progress in life, going to rehab is the perfect way to get you back on track. Below are several reasons why you should make this decision:

  • Rehab will get you back on track
  • You’ll learn new coping skills
  • Experience holistic healing
  • Waiting will cause more damage
  • Heal your personal relationships
  • You’ll save more money
  • Your insurance will pay

Choosing the right rehab

After accepting that you need to go to rehab, choosing the right facility is the next step in achieving healing and recovery goals. There're thousands of rehab centers all around the United States. Unfortunately, only a few facilities provide proper care and support necessary for healing and successful recovery. So, you’ve got to be keen while choosing the best fit rehab that suits your specific needs.

If you got no experience with one of the best facilities, then selecting the right Denver rehab center might be tricky. However, you can consider the following factors in choosing the right place for you or someone you love:

  • Location and size
  • Facility credibility
  • Staffing and services
  • Independence
  • Nutrition and amenities
  • Program length
  • Cost

The best rehab center near you

We serve with the sole purpose of helping those suffering from different conditions that hinder their ability to make progress in their life. Our priority is our clients' wellness, whom we show compassion every day of their stay. Some of our services include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Life-enriching activities
  • Physician care and more

We also offer private suites for short term and rehabilitation clients, restaurant-style dining, and complimentary transportation to/from various events. Our professional and compassionate team strives to help our patients regain their independence.

Visit our remarkable facility

Looking to join the top-rated and capable Denver rehab center? You can certainly rely on our team's expertise and dedication to help you heal and achieve a long-lasting recovery.

If you or someone in your family illness that seems to be a life hindrance, then Bethany Nursing and Rehab, we’re here to help you regain your healthy life. It’s never too late to heal and recover. Contact us today, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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