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Dentures Toronto

If you are looking into your options for dentures in Toronto, you should know that this is a significant step to take. The more that you know about dentures and the process for getting them, the easier it will be for you to make the transition. 

How Fast Can You Get Dentures?

Each patient is different when it comes to getting dentures in Toronto. What this means is that you could have the potential for getting dentures added right after your teeth are extracted. While many patients are more than willing to have dentures placed immediately, others will be more hesitant and opt for only having either the top or the bottom done first and then having the other done later on. If you have dental issues and your dentist will need to do more work surrounding the extraction, you may need to wait for the oral tissues and gums to have a bit of time to heal before you can have your dentures set. 

What Are The Steps For Dentures? 

Dentures will generally require a few steps and visits to the dentist’s office before they are complete. You will also need to go back after your dentures are set so that you can have adjustments to ensure the perfect fit. Usually, a full or partial denture will take several weeks for the process from start to finish. Your dentist will take impressions of your mouth, and you will have any necessary extractions beforehand. You will have several fittings to make sure that you have the proper bite as well.

Do Dentures Hurt? 

There can be times where your dentures may get sore even after you have fully healed. If you have friction from an improper fit or if you have gotten food stuck in between your gum and your plate, it can cause discomfort. When you have immediate dentures put in place, there is always a level of pain and soreness related to the new dentures being put in. This uncomfortable period usually lasts between 24 to 48 hours, but there can still be some pain in certain spots for several days to a week after. Your dental professional will be able to give you the tools you need to care for your dentures to lessen the discomfort. 

How Do You Get Used To Wearing Dentures? 

It is essential that you continue wearing your dentures while your mouth adapts. You can practice eating by choosing soft foods, cutting up your foods into smaller pieces, chewing slowly and biting carefully, using both sides of your mouth to chew and avoiding sticky or hard foods until your mouth is healed. You also need to remember that you will need some time to practice taking. For example, you can read aloud while you are at home so that you can get used to forming your words and knowing how the dentures feel in your mouth. 

If you are seeking dentures in Toronto, we can help at Art Of Smile Dentistry. We have the trained dental professionals and friendly staff you need to move on for the next chapter of your life with new dentures to improve your bite and smile.

Dentures Toronto
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