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Christian Alcohol Treatment Center

Our Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment provides powerful treatment programs. We have a lifetime guarantee which offers a free week of substance abuse rehab if ever needing a tune-up. Our Christian alcohol treatment center aims to assist those who are having difficulty with their addiction by helping them make the right choices. Learn about our programs and services in our website.

Addiction does not need to be fought alone and everyone deserves the right to have control over their own lives.  Addiction is a disease and to combat it takes great willpower and the support of others to get you through the hard times when you are most likely to relapse. That’s why it is so important for those with a problem with addiction seek out the help of a Christian alcohol treatment center, where you will get the help that you need and deserve.

If you are looking for a good Christian alcohol treatment center then you have came to the right website. Our website offers great information for you to start down the road to sobriety.  With the help of a good home group you stand a far better chance to break the addiction compared to those that do not have the extra help. If you are ready to take that first step in fighting your addiction then contact our Christian alcohol treatment center and live the life you deserve.

Some people require both highly structured Christian alcohol treatment center and a change in their environment to successfully overcome their addiction. Most Christians want to do this in an environment that shares and supports their strong faith.

At (PHTC) Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, we help our clients with the best Christian-based Alcohol Treatment center that is suitable for all of your particular needs. This level of treatment we provide removes an alcoholic from his or her usual environment.  This is necessary as the environment may be full of the individual’s alcohol-related issues and triggers.

Christian alcohol treatment centers of this kind gives addicts time to develop new habits and new coping strategies for challenging situations, where they may have turned to alcohol in the past. Our Inpatient Christian alcohol Rehab creates distance between the addicted individual and the people they usually spend time with, who may be alcoholics themselves. Inpatient treatment is proven to be one of the most effective and efficient ways of helping someone overcome alcohol addiction.

Finding Healing Through Christ

Offered at our Christian alcohol treatment center; our inpatient alcohol treatment is based on the 12 Steps used by Alcoholics Anonymous and is inspired by the Bible. This treatment is Christ-centered and aims to cultivate a deep faith in God as an all-powerful higher being while encouraging the use of the Bible as support in challenging life situations.

PHTC advocates this type of treatment and refers those seeking help to one of our Christian alcohol treatment centers. We believe that focusing on faith and God’s word will help alcoholics find a new foundation for strength and comfort in their lives, instead of turning to it in their times of need.

Alcohol Rehab Guided By Evidence-based Methods

Our Christian Alcohol Treatment Center in California is mainly anchored on the guidelines of the Bible, but also patterned after the latest in treatment evidenced-based science. These techniques are proven to work in many different settings and are highly successful in conjunction with Biblical teachings. Our treatment is a rigorously structured program that requires an alcoholic to stay in our treatment center for one month at the minimum since it is proven that it takes at least 30 days to form a habit.

During this treatment time, he or she will learn to change his or her behavior and attitudes toward abuse. An alcoholic will also learn to recognize his or her own high-risks situations and how to best deal with them. Gaining the capacity to identify and deal with these situations is necessary to prevent the individual from falling into relapse. Our Christian Inpatient Alcohol Rehab helps an alcoholic to learn to view the condition as a brain-altering disease that primarily can lead to undesired behaviors.

Holistic Christian Alcohol Treatment

By joining Christian teachings with scientific studies, our Christian inpatient alcohol treatment center can treat both the physical and spiritual roots of the disease. Addiction is both a physical and a mental ailment. While the body can be cleaned out using solely scientific and secular techniques, it is only with God’s help that we can cleanse the soul and move forward with newfound strength. This is an extremely effective treatment method; which not only removes alcohol from the addict’s life but adds a new, healthy, focal point – Christianity.

Aside from effective treatment itself, prior assessment of a client’s condition is also necessary for successful alcohol addiction recovery. Our Christian Alcohol Treatment Center can conduct a preliminary evaluation to determine if you have any existing medical, psychological, or social conditions. We can also refer you to an Christian inpatient program that includes similar assessment services if you feel that Pacific Hills Treatment Centers is not the right fit for you?

Any pre-existing medical conditions and co-occurring disorders (such as mental diseases) need to be identified and addressed to guarantee a smooth inpatient alcohol treatment process. Pre-existing diseases will not prevent you from being able to be treated, but knowing about them in advance will help our treatment staff know how to best move forward with your case.

Alcoholism often occurs in conjunction with drug abuse. For clients who suffer from both types of addiction, we strongly recommend you attend our inpatient Christian alcohol treatment center today! Our treatment plans are individually designed with your help to ensure your treatment experience of both alcohol and drug addictions is amazing.