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3 Things To Know About Hyaluronidase Before Buying Online

1. Some cosmetic injectables require the use of hyaluronidase for consistent results. Hyaluronidase is used to temporarily break down hyaluronic acid and make it easier for fluids to be administered by injection. Without the use of this product, you may have inferior results. Check with our staff to see if you’ll need to have hyaluronidase on hand if you plan to administer your own cosmetic injections.

It’s legal to buy hyaluronidase online; be sure you’ve found a reliable supplier who has your items in stock and ready to ship to you. Many so-called suppliers are really middlemen who have to fill your order, then ship it to you, which can take several weeks.

2. Fake products flood the market and make it difficult to know whether you’re buying a genuine pharmaceutical product approved by the FDA. When you buy vials of Hyaluronidase online, choose a supplier with an established reputation.

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3. Before you buy hyaluronidase online, be sure it’s available in the form necessary for injections. If you buy hyaluronidase cream instead of liquid vials, you may not have the same results.

Hyaluronidase is intended to maximize absorption of your cosmetic injectable, in which case, you’ll want to have our liquid vials on hand. Our 1,500 iu bottle contains 5 liquid vials; the liquid can be added directly to the fluid being injected into the skin. A cream product is not the best option for use with cosmetic injectables.

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