Pre-Op: This patient is a 36 year old woman, 5 feet 4 inches tall, 115 pounds and wore a 32A cup bra. She desired to be a full B or small C cup. Note the pre surgical asymmetry of the larger right breast and almost no body fat or breast tissue. Patient also had a long vertical chest and Dr. Moore feels that this type of patient will typically get a more natural appearing result with an anatomic “teardrop” shape implant rather than the more common round implant.

Post-Op: Patient is shown 3 months after surgery, using a conservative 270 cc anatomic saline implant on the right and the same implant on the left but with 15cc extra added to achieve better breast symmetry. Patient now is a full C cup. She is a good example of the need to customize implant selection and plane of placement to achieve optimal breast augmentation results.

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