Pre-op: This 43 year old nurse is 5 ft 6inches tall and weighs 145 pounds. She is unhappy of the appearance of her upper arms particularly in sleeveless blouses because of excess fat and skin that she calls her 'bat wings'. She wished to improve the contour of her upper arms and was willing to accept a permanent scar from her axilla (armpit) to her long as it was well hidden when her arms were down by her sides.

Post-op:She is shown here 4 months following brachioplasty (upper arm lift) combined with mastopexy (breast lift).Ther excess skin has been removed from her upper arm and blended with the more natural curve that Dr. Moore has achieved in her uplifted breast. Her scar is relatively thin, has faded well already, and is completely hidden with her arm held naturally by her side.

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