Pre-op: This 50 year old woman had previously undergone an appendectomy, 3 C-sections (a girl, a boy and a set of twins) and a hysterectomy. Pregnancy with the twins had resulted in a wide separation of her abdominal muscles and extreme stretch marks of her abdominal skin shown well here on pre-operative photos.

Post-op: Post-op photos show dramatic improvement in abdominal skin quality, contour, and even the appearance of her belly button. The tightened abdominal muscles Dr. Moore achieved for her not only gave excellent contour as shown on lateral view but according to the patient lessened her preoperative back pain and improved her posture. Post operative photos how well her scar is hidden under brief underwear and the significantly improved contour of her hips which were achieved by liposuction performed at the same time as her abdominoplasty.

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