Pre-op: This 32 yo patient had combined problems of decreased breast volume, Grade II ptosis (nipple at or slightly below the inframammary crease), and constricted breast deformity as shown in her pre-op photos. She wanted to enlarge her breasts from 34A to a full C or small D cup but did not want the extra scars and cost of a breast lift which Dr. Moore advised would give the most optimal result.

Post-op: She is shown here 6 months after breast augmentation with 350cc, anatomic, textured, saline implants placed subglandularly through a periareolar incision which Dr. Moore chose to allow him to technically release the constricted lower breast, achieve the best projection and long term implant position as shown in these 6 month post operative photos. Even though the breasts are slightly low on her chest (as Dr. Moore cautioned her they would be without a breast lift) she is quite happy with the overall improvement in her breasts.

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