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3 Important Reasons For Nose Reshaping in Leawood

How a person thinks he looks goes a long way to determine his self-esteem. Generally, people who believe they possess great features; excellent body shape, nice smile, a good set of teeth, well-shaped nose, tend to be more confident in themselves. While those with perceived defects in any structural feature of their bodies are likely to experience self-esteem issues.

The nose is one of the major elements that determine the look of an individual. The shape, size, and position of a person's nose can determine how beautiful/handsome that individual is. In other words, a nose can make or mar a face.

For anyone who is not comfortable with the nature of his/her nose, they can opt for nose reshaping in Leawood to correct any defect. The medical procedure for correcting a nose is called Rhinoplasty surgery. There are several reasons why people go for a rhinoplasty surgery, below are a few of them;

1) Physiological issues:

Some people opt for rhinoplasty surgery due to physiological issues, this could range from cleft nose to deviated septum. In a case of deviated septum, the cartilage that partitions the two sides of the nose is off-center. This cartilage is called the nasal septum. A deviated septum can result in medical issues from as simple as snoring to as complex as a sinus infection. Deviated septum usually causes breathing difficulties.

A medical procedure called Septoplasties is carried out to correct the position of the nasal septum. This procedure is typically not performed on patients of less than 18 years of age, as the septum does not stop growing until 18.

After the procedure, patients would enjoy breathing through the two sides of the nose and the discomfort of snoring will disappear or subside tremendously.

2) Accident:

Accident is another reason people decide to go for a nose correcting procedure. Due to its position and the nature of its cartilage, the nose is likely to get broken from a direct blow to the face or if a person face-plant while partaking in a sport or other recreation activity. Car accidents are one of the biggest causes of broken nose, as the impact of airbags or even the slamming of the face on the wheel can break the nose.

Nose broken during an accident can be a reason for a rhinoplasty surgery. But this surgery must be done within two weeks of the accident, as the nasal bones can easily be returned to their original position. If the fracture is allowed to stay beyond this time, the broken bones will get fixed in that position and would be difficult to repair.

3) Cosmetic purpose:

The way a person perceives himself goes a long way to determine their self-esteem. Some people think their noses are too big, or too small, or too flat, and may want to modify it to make it better. A good nose is supposed to complement a face and add to its overall beauty and not to call undue attention to itself.

Cosmetic surgery can help reduce the size of a large nose or improve the size of a miniature one. When a nose is corrected according to the taste of the patient, this can help improve their self-confidence, which would, in the long run, improve their quality of life.


Nose Reshaping Leawood

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